Room With a (Better) View

The den’s been in a bit of chaos. It’s looked like this since last Thursday:

Yeah, that’s right. No room for chairs. No room to walk. Papers all over. Cords a-tangled. Chaos reigns. … The desk is normally right under that window, but it’s been pulled out like that mostly because I wanted to replace this window:

Not sure if you can tell there, but the window is completely warped along the bottom and wouldn’t shut. Not that that’s a problem in the summer months, but as soon as December hit, and we got some temps in the 30s and 40s (whaaa?), it became very, very difficult to sit here at my desk and finish my manuscript late at night. Or early in the morning. Or during rainy weekends. Or anytime at all, really. … Cold wind would come straight down the street, under that little window opening, and right over my hands! If I didn’t have deadlines, I’m sure I wouldn’t have been in there. (As it was, I was in there with sweaters on and blankets pulled down over my wrists.)

(No laptop, you ask? Nah. That’s what normal people would do. But those laptop keyboards kill me when I’m writing more than 1,000 words in a sitting.)

ANY-way. …

We got our new window in! Yippee! It’s here:

Isn’t she pretty? (And clean! And white!)

Tonight I’ll push my desk back, try to clean up the desktop a little, and then I’ve got to get some nice window coverings (I have a valance, but looking for some kind of roller shade). Suggestions welcome! Balloon-y Roman shade? Natural reedy roller shade? Hmmm …

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3 thoughts on “Room With a (Better) View

  1. Oh my goodness. Can’t believe you were working under those conditions in this cold weather. That’s dedication!

    Nice-looking window. : )

    I remember writing my Master’s exam over three days in record head with no air conditioning. Two computers going constantly and generating more heat in a hot little room. The thing we do…

  2. Barbara — thanks! And isn’t it funny how you can probably remember that Master’s exam in the heat above all others??? I hope you did well, despite the yucky circumstances!

    Aunt Helene — thanks for the link! Those are pretty darned cute! I love that fabric she chose, too. What a great idea. …

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