Whatcha Reading?

In addition to letting my writing go by the wayside these last several months, I’ve also let my reading go. I haven’t read anything in eons.

But in the last week, I picked up my Kindle, recharged it, and downloaded a couple of Eloisa James stories! Whoo-hoo! — I bought her new novel, a novella, and a short story. Started on the novel first, and really enjoying the (very Dr. House-like!) Piers and heroine Linnet. Eloisa James always does a great job.

What are you reading these days?

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3 thoughts on “Whatcha Reading?

  1. I ran out of books on my kindle and picked up an “old fashioned” book, haha. I am reading Ann Rules, “But I Trusted You”. It is a book with a few true crime stories. One of the stories happened right up the road from us, so it was kind of interesting. I haven’t read a regular book in a long time, gotta say – I like reading on the kindle much better now!

  2. On Twitter, I got a “The Light Fantastic” (Pratchett), and on Facebook another “Little Bee.”

    Debi — Funny how your reading habits have already changed to make you prefer the Kindle, huh? So the crime stories — are they all short stories? I never thought about what a short-story format would be for crime stories! (Or mysteries or suspense, for that matter.) Interesting that one happened right up the road from you!

  3. Ann Rule used to work for the Seattle Police Dept. so a lot of her stories are from around the Pacific NW, but she doesn’t just write short stories. She actually has several books and movies from her books. I have a couple that have short stories (about 5 in each book I think) -I still get lost in the story and don’t feel like I missed anything because it is shorter. She is a good writer, if you like true crime. Every now and then I need something to counteract all the romance! =)

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