3 for Thursday: 3 Favorite Fall Traditions

I can feel it … it’s coming … fall is just barely in the air. I see the Halloween candy coming out in the grocery store, the floral displays turning more orange-and-yellow, and Starbucks touting its pumpkin lattes. …

What are your 3 favorite fall traditions (that will be here any time now)?

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7 thoughts on “3 for Thursday: 3 Favorite Fall Traditions

  1. Making carameled apples and pots of warming soup or stew sitting on the stove. Evening walks with crunchy leaves under my feet and the smell of fireplaces going. Anticipating Halloween—the fun, the costumes and the candy.

  2. Love it, Barbara! (Carameled apples …. mmmmm ….)

    On Facebook, I’m also getting:

    – World Series
    – Football (guess who???)
    – Changing leaves
    – First snow
    – First wood-burning fireplace scent
    – Walking at Dana Point Harbor when the air just starts to get chilly

    Love all those, too!

  3. I have a hard time narrowing mine to three (so perhaps I won’t!), but I love:

    – Pumpkin-flavored everything (and making at least one pumpkin-flavored treat at home)
    – Colored leaves in wreaths, on tabletops, in linens, etc.
    – Trying to get away for the weekend to an apple-picking place like Julian or Oak Glen (and indulging in apple pie or — as Barbara said — caramel apples)

  4. 3 fave fall things
    butternut squash soup
    roasted pumpkin seeds
    warm cider

    cool air

    cashmere sweaters


    warm baths
    hot air
    fluffy robes


  5. wow, those are all good – I can’t say I have anything else to add….
    except maybe after the summer without anything good on tv, the new fall line up of shows?!

  6. pve — gorgeous answer! 😉 (and yes, pumpkin seeds … a must. … My youngest son said just the other day that he had a craving for roasted pumpkin seeds — but he likes mine way better than in the store. Yay!)

  7. Debi — A gal after my own heart! Yes, Superman and I have our fall lineup all scheduled out with our fave shows — embarrassing but true! They start this week — whoo-hoo!

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