3 for Thursday: 3 Major Fashion Faux Pas You’ve Made

Thanks, all, for the nice comments on yesterday’s post.

Today? Well, today is Thursday, which also means it’s time for 3 for Thursday!

This week: Name 3 fashion disasters you wish you’d never donned.

(Items from the ’70s are welcome [and expected]┬ábut any decade is fine. …)

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2 thoughts on “3 for Thursday: 3 Major Fashion Faux Pas You’ve Made

  1. This is a really hard one for two reasons – first, because every style I have gone through seems to have already come back – and second, well, I always thought I looked good! (haha) A lot of the things I wore when younger was my moms fault, so I can’t use those….hmmm
    1 – Spandex. I know it is back and yes, it is soooo comfy but….it really shouldn’t come in all the sizes it does. I wore it a lot when I was pregnant with my last child and well lets just say that I wish someone would have told me to stop! Maybe I just needed longer shirts, but I have seen some pictures of me still in them when Justine was a newborn (before the jeans fit again) and yuck!

    2 – Acid washed jeans. I remember needing them so bad because they were so popular and I had several pairs. They really do look like someone poured bleach on them, but they were big in the 90’s and are back on the shelves again too!

    3 -Turtle neck dickies. I had a few of them to slip under my shirts to make it look like I was layered. I don’t know, maybe that isn’t too bad because most people wouldn’t have known, but it is weird now that I think about it!

    I have several school pictures that leave me aghast to think that my mom sent me to school looking like that, but again, that is her fault! =)

  2. Ok, some I even have pictures of…Yikes!

    1- Those stupid, crazy printed balloon-like stretchy work out pants that were popular with gym-goers in the 80s…for like 2 seconds!!!!!

    2- 8th grade graduation suit ( my first ever “real” suit ) that I was so excited to get and wear that I did not notice that the shiny, satin lining on the vest and inside the coat had a goofy, little disco man dancing on it that read “disco rules” with like lightning lettering; all over the lining. this was in 1980 when disco had already, well, worn out its welcome!

    3- High school graduation with the shiny, black satin type pants with the zipper down the side to create a very baggy look (if one so desired) that were popular, for like 1 second, at that time.

    **Honorable Mention**
    My mom bought me a “Spuds Mckenzie” sweatshirt that I wore religiously in the 80s. But my mom worked at Mervyn’s and got me anything that was waaaaayyyy out of date and thus on sale. I think “Spuds” hadn’t even had a commercial in like 5 years and I was wearing that.

    Ok, enough personal embarrassment…I’m off to shop for a “Waaaazzzzup”?!?! shirt and parachute pants now!

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