3 for Thursday: 3 Best Halloween Costumes You Ever Wore

Okay, we’re playing 3 for Thursday again. And I can’t wait to hear everyone’s response for this one!

What are the 3 best Halloween costumes you ever wore? (Wish we could include pics!) 🙂

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7 thoughts on “3 for Thursday: 3 Best Halloween Costumes You Ever Wore

  1. Yeah it is back!!!

    Three best costumes – well maybe not the best, but ones I had the most fun it!

    1 – two headed old lady. A friend and I had a huge shirt with two head holes and huge pants and we had to waddle around all night. I actually got to do it at school with a friend too and share classes all day.
    2-cat costume – only because I still keep hearing about it!
    3 – a color crayon – this one I made and I made a matching one for my boyfriend and we went with two other friends that were also crayons to a party – good times!

  2. Wow, well from age like 5-10 I was Count Dracula. Remember those flimsy masks and flammable nylon costumes that they used to have?
    1-Cheap Count Dracula
    2-zombie complete with that make up and glue and rubber zombie stuff on my face.
    3-woman…yes I went in drag one year. It was funny, my friend’s mom helped and everything. I even wore a bra stuffed with toilet paper…

  3. Yay!

    Well considering my parents didn’t celebrate Halloween when i was a kid….I’m HUGE on it now that it’s up to me. Hands down my favorite holiday!

    I just started dressing up a few years ago.

    So far my favorite has been Snow White. I went to a party that went on till 5am! I carried a basket full of mini red apples and gave them away to random people at the party. It was so much fun, speically after a few cocktails and telling people they would die if they ate the apple they just accepted. Ha haha
    Here is a public link to the pic: http://www.facebook.com/photo.php?pid=146057&l=96df769575&id=100000006819524

    But so far my friends say i look best in the “Cop” outfit. Maybe because i played it well last weekend at a party. I just walked up to people from behind put the pat hon across their neck and yelled “Your arrested for underage drinking!” of course all my friends are over 25. Hahaha
    Here is a link to that pic: Share this photo with anyone by sending them this public link:http://www.facebook.com/photo.php?pid=604041&l=6412bb476d&id=100000006819524

    And this Saturday i am having a Halloween themed birthday celebration. I plan on being one of the follwoing: Cat woman (little Ruben’s request) Avatar or a Military Girl…again…

    What are yours Laurie?

  4. Halloween was always a blast, trick or treating for blocks and blocks on North Hill, in Akron.

    My favorite costume: I was a tube of Crest toothpaste. My Mom is so creative. The body of the costume was a sheet, sewn into a tube shape and with fabric paints we painted each letter and the head piece was a used 5 gallon ice cream bucket, with eyes cut out and the bucket spray painted white. I won a costume contest with that one.

    Another Mom-made costume, Tweety Bird, now this costume I still have, actually she made it for my daughter when she was little. I’ve used the headpiece and bought a bright yellow t-shirt and brown leggings, somewhere I have a photo of that one.

    My third favorite costume, isn’t actually one of mine, but a co-worker, she dressed up as Troy Palamalu (SP?) of the Steelers, wild hair, the jersey, white leggings, carried a bottle of Head and Shoulders and to bottom it off, white stiletto’s

  5. Oh my gosh, I’m LOVING these costume ideas!!!

    The box of crayons is SO cute (what did you make them out of, Debi? foam sheets, maybe? or felt?).

    And Darlene, the Crest toothpaste tube is an awesome idea!!! (Aunt Betty IS super creative! But so are you!) I have to go ask Chris who Troy Palamalu is because that sounds funny, too.

    Geri, I forgot that your parents never celebrated Halloween, so yeah, this must be fun for you as an adult. And as a mom, because it’s fun to dress your kids up. I remember your Snow White costume — you looked sooooooo cute in that. This year’s cop costume sounds excellent!

    Chris, I wish you had a picture of that costume in drag! Too funny. I can’t believe Mrs. Pepe helped you with your makeup! Holy cow.

  6. As for me, I got nothin’ …

    Not nearly as creative as all these.

    I guess mine would be:

    – Raggedy Ann — My grandma made me a REALLY elaborate Raggedy Ann costume one year (5th grade, I think). Complete with dress, apron, bloomers, the whole deal.

    – Renaissance Princess — I wore an old bridesmaids dress of my mom’s that had a velvet skirt and empire waist (looked “Renaissance” to me, I guess), and then made a pointy cone hat with a long scarf flowing out of the top. I loved that one!

    – Hmmm … I was a bunny one year. Let me see if I can drudge up photos of that. …

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