Why I Shouldn’t Use My Scanner

Busy writing weekend. (That’s a big hoo-rah you hear in the background. From me. For that.)

Also a big staring-at-the-scanner-feeling-slightly-confused weekend.

We got a new scanner sometime just before Christmas, and I’ve yet to master it. … Actually, I’ve yet to use it. I guess all the living of life got in the way,which tends to happen in a family of five around the holidays. So now that January is upon us (… er … just past us …), I figure I can spend an hour or so playing with it. But it wasn’t as straightforward as I expected. I guess I might actually have to get out the directions. I can only figure out how to scan to PDF, not to JPEG. But let me tell you, people, if I can scan to JPEG, you’re in big trouble. Because then all I’m going to do is start posting old pics like this:

Rene feeding baby Nate

And then I’m going to start getting all teary all the time and moaning about the passing of time, or the circle of live, or the way we were, or something that will translate directly to song lyrics.

Ah, JPEGs, you allude me for a reason. …

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