Mad Men Monday: What Did You Think of ‘My Old Kentucky Home’?


Last night’s Mad Men episode was called “My Old Kentucky Home,” and it was one of those “outside the office” episodes that producer Matt Weiner is making popular this season.

What I liked:

  • I liked having another “outside of the office” episode — I like seeing how the characters behave out of the office from time to time, and this one didn’t disappoint. Most of the characters were attending the “soiree” of Roger and his new wife. And even those stuck working for the weekend (Peggy and the Creative team) had a “soiree” of their own, of sorts, as they put on their weekend personalities and smoked a little weed. Meanwhile, Joan threw a dinner party and realized, I think, that her husband might need her more than she needs him.
  • I liked that we saw unexpected “performances” at each of the parties, underscoring the “having different personalities out of the office” concept — Roger singing (although in blackface, singing “My Old Kentucky Home”), a barbershop quartet number from Paul Kinsey from Creative, and then Joan on the accordian. They each gave sort of the same element of suprise you’d get if you suddenly saw your boss performing a tap number at the holiday party.
  • I liked the “big line” of the night (there’s always one!), when Don runs into another guest, “Connie,” at the empty club bar and scavenges for a real Old Fashioned. First of all, that was rather symbollic, as they’re both looking for an Old Fashioned, but they each share a story about growing up and looking from the outside in — looking in to a club or party at what they viewed as the wealthy, beautiful people — yet, as Connie says, “It’s different on the inside.” Don is always seeing this to be true. He’s always unhappy, even though he’s achieved what he thought was the goal, but for him, too, it’s different on the “inside.” Betty is finding this to be true — she seems to have wanted this family, but she’s so unhappy with her children — concerned more about how she looks with them (even the unborn one) rather than viewing them as real people. Peggy’s job, Roger’s new marriage — they’re all trying out new “goals” and finding out it looks one way from the outside, but when you experience it yourself, it takes on a whole new twist.

So what did you think of the show? What elements did you like most? I didn’t really see how little Sally Draper and her newfound thievery fit in, did you?

Also, join our discussion of last week’s episode, “Love Among the Ruins.”

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