Lyle Lovett’s ‘Church’ — Gotta Love It!

One of my favorite singer-songwriters is Lyle Lovett. He has the most fabulous voice, a great band, hilarious lyrics, and songs with a beginning/middle/end. He never lets me down. 

And when he performs with his “Large Band” – mingling jazz with country, and sometimes just enough hand-clapping gospel – well, I’m smitten.

(Plus, any cowboy in a suit is going to impress me. …)

Here’s Lyle Lovett’s “Church.” Turn it up, clap along, and listen to this singer-storyteller weave the funny tale about a congregation trapped in church, starving, while the preacher goes on and on and on and on …

Lyle Lovett’s “Church,” YouTube

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0 thoughts on “Lyle Lovett’s ‘Church’ — Gotta Love It!

  1. Hope you both enjoy. … Lyle is especially great in concert. We saw him a few times, but the first time (when he performed “Church”) was the best because we were so close up, and he was performing “in the round.” Seing “Church” live is spectacular.

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