A SoCal Winter’s Day

img_21591Gorgeous, gorgeous, gorgeous. … 52 degrees: bright, crisp and sunny. This is the lake in my town, and those are our mountains (the main reason we moved here). But we hardly ever see snow on them. That’s a real treat — usually once or twice a year, in Dec. or Jan. I love the contrast of the palm trees in front of the snow-capped mountains.

Anyway, it’s just too pretty to stay inside and write. …

Must experience life today!

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3 thoughts on “A SoCal Winter’s Day

  1. I must say I am surprised no one has commented on this one item…This is really a post card. It is a picture of a place you look at and say Wow! and you keep staring at it and feel really relaxed. There is so much in this photo. Pick a spot in the photo and you can easily imagine yourself there and it gives you a good feeling. As a matter of fact you want to be there. This is more than “Stop and smell the roses”…It is “Stop and smell the world”…..
    Great work on the photo.

  2. Thank you, Johnny! Your comment inspired me to enlarge it (now that I figured out how!) so now it’s more of a postcard! I love our town.

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