Happy Friday! … And What Should We Talk About First?

Ooops. I took a bit of a break there, didn’t I? Sorry to disappear like that. In my next post, I’ll explain what’s been consuming me.

But gosh, there’s so much to talk about! There’s:

  • Tornadoes in the South
  • Kate and William’s wedding
  • Obama’s birth certificate
  • Osama’s downfall
  • So much other news!

What’s been consuming you most these days? What should we talk about first?!?!

Dancing Outside Your Comfort Zone

Every time “Dancing with the Stars” comes on again, I’m always a little mesmerized by the person you never guessed would be on the show. I’m impressed that Steve Wozniak poured himself into dance clothes and let himself be led across the stage every Monday night. I can’t get over the fact that Cloris Leachman wore that weird headband and no makeup and allowed the camera crew in to film her during her practice. I still can’t believe Jerry Springer was on the show, because a ballroom audience couldn’t be much further from his crowd. And Buzz Aldrin? At 80 years old? Holy Toledo. …

Yeah, I’m impressed.

This season it’s Kirsty Ally who seems to be the one who’s most uncomfortable. I find it strange that she never looks up (or even at the camera or her partner) during most of the interviews. But when the music goes on, man, she just takes off with confidence.

I’m really impressed that all these people can do something so outside their comfort zones.

Can you remember the last thing you did that was wildly outside your comfort zone? What was it?

What Did You Like Most (or Least) About Oscars 2010?

Well, the night was … not very surprising, right?

What did you like most or least about last night’s show?

(I was reading our analysis last year, which was pretty entertaining — especially our commentary about Hugh Jackman!)

But this year … hmmm.

Did you like the hosts? Did you like any of the presenters specifically? Did any of the fashion choices stand out?

The Ol’ Gift Cards Debate

We’re getting down to the nitty-gritty last few days before Christmas, aren’t we? The ones where we frantically turn to the premade cookies,  scrawl our names faster on Christmas cards, and glance at our shopping lists only to turn to the gift-card rack at the convenience store.

I know two people who absolutely refuse to give gift cards for Christmas. Refuse. Absolutely. (“It’s so impersonal,” says one. “It puts a price on the relationship” says the other.)

I myself don’t feel so polarized on the issue, and yet I’ll argue with these friends, always playing the other side. (Sometimes I just like a good dinner conversation.)

But I’m okay with giving gift cards. Even at the last second, in the last few days before Christmas — they were usually on my gift list to begin with. And I don’t find them impersonal at all. I find them quite practical, actually, and sometimes downright perfect. The gauge I typically use is How much does this person like to shop? Continue reading

Spouses as Beta Readers

So sorry I haven’t been blogging much this week, but I’m hot and heavy into edits on my second book. I finally finished editing the first part enough to have my first beta reader — Superman!

It’s always nervewracking to have someone beta-read your book for the very first time, but I think it’s especially nervewracking to have your spouse read.

I get more nervous about Superman reading my manuscripts than anyone. I just want him to like them so desperately, and I worry he’s going to think they’re corny or too over-the-top, or raise his eyebrow at the love scenes, or … I don’t know. I just get really nervous.

So I’m working hard this week to give it one last polish as I feed him sections. So far I think he’s on Chapter 7. … And he keeps asking for more, so I think things are good. 

How about you? Do you let your spouse beta-read for you? Does it make you unbearably nervous?

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