Sunday Morning Weigh-In


Down another 3 pounds in 2 weeks!

I’ve now lost 8 pounds since Christmas (8 of the 10 I ultimately need to lose to get back to my pre-holiday starting point … which was already about 30 pounds over my normal weight … ugh!!!).

But I’m focusing on the positive right now.

So I’m just going to focus on the fact that I’m 2 pounds away from what I’ll call “my first goal”!

(Baby steps, right?)

Go team!

‘ello, Cupcake!

Hello, my lovely.

Yes, I’m talking to you, you gorgeous cupcake.

As amazing as you look to me right now, you and your friends (eclairs, buttermilk doughnuts, and brownies) need to stay away from me this holiday season and stop tempting me with your delicious good looks. You need to stop lounging around in my refrigerator, calling my name, AND getting to that just-right room temperature on our kitchen cutting-block table. I simply can’t be trusted around you.

Because I’m trying to lose weight, here.

(Trying really, really hard. …)

Thank you ahead of time for your cooperation.


L. Afraid-to-Look-at-the-Scale Sanchez

The DIY-Project Workout

Nothing is a better weekend workout than a little D.I.Y. project at home: bending, lifting, up the ladder, down the ladder, haul the paint can, squeeze by furniture, up the stairs, down the stairs, back up the ladder, down the ladder, back down the stairs, back up the stairs, crawl along the baseboards, back on your toes, back up the ladder, down the ladder … whew!

I’m a little sore today.

(But my walls look great!)

Assessing the Holiday Weight-Gain Damage

Okay, so I finally did the countdown over the weekend and leapt onto the scale! I was nervous. I thought I’d gained at least five pounds. I’m like a walking cliche with the holiday weight-gain thing.

On Saturday, the news was grim: I’d gained five pounds exactly. Cliche, I tell you.

On Sunday, though, the numbers were back to normal. (???) Now, I didn’t lose five pounds in a day. So I think my scale is off, but I don’t know if it’s “off good” or “off bad.”

Either way, it’s time to get back to better eating! I cleaned out the entire fridge — all holiday leftovers are now gone, and all the crazy candy is, too. (I swear I didn’t eat all of it … although … well, plenty!) Anyway, then I restocked with better choices: greek yogurt, sourdough bread, leafy greens, broccoli, hummus, almonds, all of which I love and keep reading about at Lifescript, so they all became part of my regular diet last summer.

(Now I just have to get rid of this sweet tooth I’ve developed this month!)

How about you? Have you reverted back to healthier eating?

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