Great Library Event!

Had such a great library event on Saturday!

Here was my view as I was speaking. I asked everyone to wave:

2015-05-02 12.33.24

I talked about my my Oprah moment that started me on my romance-writing journey and my road to publication, offered some tips I learned along the way, shared my “bag of writing secrets,” and answered questions.

My mom brought cookies for everyone, and my SIL Denise brought raffle tickets (we did two raffles, one for The Red Bikini, and one for Ten Good Reasons). Denise also brought a cash box and helped me sell a bunch of books!

Then I signed books and said hello to a lot of friends who came to support me. It was so fun.

Here’s me and my SIL Barbara (my brother’s wife), who helped with photo-taking:

Barbara and meSigning lots of books:

5-4-2015 1-41-09 PMAnd me and a bunch of friends from high school, believe it or not! The library event was very near our old stomping grounds, so had a lot of VHS friends show up with their moms, who I grew up with also. So fun:

5-4-2015 1-45-16 PMI had such a good time!

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5 thoughts on “Great Library Event!

  1. What a fun day! I wish I lived closer so I could have gone! Maybe some day you will do a book tour and come to Seattle!

  2. It was a fun morning. A nice, appropriate venue. Great turnout, and what an excellent talk you gave. I love hearing other writers talk about the writing life, the publishing process, and personal inspiration.

  3. Thanks, Barbara! It was really fun. And so special to have so many supportive friends there, like you! 🙂

    And Patti and Debi — yes, I wish you both could have been there. Especially because I told the group what an excellent CP and beta readers I had!

  4. I’m happy that it went so well for you. Great that so many old friends could be there. That makes it all the more special!! I have to tell you that living here in New England, NH to be exact I always feel so left out, 🙁 its just not right that authors never come this way. I know its not your fault(s) but I just don’t understand what the issue is. Why is this neck of the woods a big no no. I have asked a few others this and never get an answer. Lauren, do you have any ideas?

    I am just going to have to stay envious of all the ones that get to enjoy the meets and greets, and be happy to talk to you all in this way. Which is so much better than nothing. I am always very thankful that I have met so many wonderful people, authors, that are just so super and down to earth. Just like YOU!! So happy TGR has done well, and I hope to see it still climb the ladders. But…..can’t wait for the next one and the new series as well. Will always follow you in your career lady. 🙂

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