Progress on the House of Destruction …

So when we come home at night, the house of destruction looks a lot like this. Egads!:

2015-02-09 18.41.28 2015-02-09 18.36.49

2015-02-09 18.37.29

No curtains; no lights; no cable; no privacy; no internet.

Hubby is most concerned that he doesn’t have a working TV:

2015-02-09 18.36.32

But I’m loving the new wall color in the kitchen! And the new drywall, I must admit, looks seamless. The den and the downstairs bath seem to beĀ coming along, too, but are too dark to see when I get home at night.

Plus, it’s been kind of an adventure — the three of us areĀ finding creative ways to spend our evenings, like at Claim Jumper:

2015-02-09 19.12.45-1

Then, after dinner, we go wander around Tillys, Target, Lowes, or Bath and Body Works for a couple of hours…

It’s been a weird week, but it won’t go on forever, right?

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