What I’m Reading: A Fun Blog Series

I read a LOT — for work, for my book club, for my writing career, for fun, to relax, and anytime I’m in a long line waiting for anything.

So I thought I’d start to share some of the fun pieces I constantly run across, in case you’re always looking for fun, new things to read, too.

One blogger I started reading last year is Shay Shull, who writes the Mix and Match Family blog. And she’s been writing the most fun-to-read posts over the last two weeks as she adopts a daughter from China. She outlines the process, her day-to-day activities there as she and her husband wait for their new daughter, and how she’s keeping her two older kids entertained. Here’s where the series starts: China, Days 1-3.

Then there’s: China Day 4, China Day 5, China Day 6, Ashby, China Days 9-10, China Day 11, China Days 12-13, China Days 14-15, and that’s as far as I’ve read. (She doesn’t have forward nav on her posts, so I put all the links up there for you!)

I normally like to read Shay’s blog because she’s cute and sweet and seems like such a good mom, and her kids are adorable. Her husband is a former football player and seems like such a good dad. And she’s also the sister of one of the Bachelors — Sean, who married the girl he met on the show. So if you want more to read, you can dig back into Shay’s archives and read all about her life! (She also gives really great fashion advice.)

But the China story just seemed particularly interesting, and the process of adoption, and the good, open hearts of the parents who do that.

I loved reading it, and hope you do, too.


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