My Favorite New Ornament This Year

Aw, look at this super-cute ornament my mom gave me:


Isn’t it cute?

She glued “The Red Bikini” cover on the top book, and we’re thinking we’ll put “Ten Good Reasons” on the blue spine when I get my new business cards (with the cute small print).

Then … hmmm … it looks like we’ve got a few more spines to fill next year…

I’ll get on that!

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3 thoughts on “My Favorite New Ornament This Year

  1. That is so cute and I love that she put your book on there! Such a great idea! I’m looking forward to reading all the future books!

  2. That is too cute!! And yes by all means, get on that Lauren!!! LOL
    Your mom did a great job, how thoughtful that was.

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