Free Books!

Who doesn’t love free books? I feel like I’ve been living in a cave, not even realizing that Goodreads has constant book-giveaways. Sheesh. My publisher puts out nearly four new books per week on the GR giveaway circuit, and I’m sure other publishers do as well. It’s a book extravaganza going on over there!

If you’re on Goodreads, and you like giveaways, and you like romance, zoom on over to Berkley’s giveaway page here. My book is on there somewhere if you scroll around, but feel free to peruse and enter as many as you like! It’s not like you can only win once.

And if you want a fast-track to my giveaway, you can go here.

Please share my link with all your romance-reading friends (or the woman next to you at the hair salon, or the person who sits in the next cubicle). There are 20 chances to win, so the more the merrier! My giveaway runs another 11 days.

Good luck! And come back and tell me if you win!

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