10,000 Words!!!!

Yep, that’s a new record for me. I wrote more than 10,000 words last weekend!

I had a nice, long 4-day weekend, and I made the best use of it I could — writing like a maniac. It’s really a lot easier to write when you have several full days in a row, because you can get into a groove and maintain a certain tone and pacing. (Stops and starts, like I do on my lunch hours and after work, make writing a lot more difficult.) So when I get the luxury of four days in a row, I seize them!

I barely left the house for four entire days (except to pick Nathan and his friend up from McDonalds one afternoon, buy iced tea another afternoon, and go to my parents’ for dinner where we met their friend from Scotland). But other than that I was writing, man!

But it was lovely. The light comes through my den window in such a beautiful way in October, and I love being in my little writing alcove. Plus Chris brought me a pumpkin spice latte one afternoon AND a pumpkin pie for me and Nate another afternoon, so I was in October bliss!

It was a great weekend. And 10,000 words! I still can’t believe it. I’m heading into the second half of the book now and hoping for the best for my Feb 1 deadline. This is my first experience writing a whole book on deadline, so I’m learning as I go.

(This week’s lesson is to take more four-day weekends in October with PSLs and lovely light, I guess…)


Road Trip! Day 5 — Hanging Out in Missoula

So back to the trip:

We woke up on Day 5 — exactly the halfway point — and had a perfect, slow, halfway-point day.

Sleeping in a little was the first order of business.

Laundry was the second.

A 10-day roadtrip for four people in one car can only handle so much luggage, so we packed only for 5 days, and I told everyone I’d do laundry on Day 5 and we could “repeat.” It was a perfect plan. I knew the hotel we were staying at (we’d been there before), and knew we’d have a leisurely morning (not having to be on the road asap), so while we enjoyed the nice continental breakfast in the dining room, I got two quick loads done. Then we re-packed, loaded the car up, and prepared to head to Kalispell later that evening.

But first — we had a whole afternoon with Ricky! The original plan was to bring him to Kalispell with us (and Glacier National Park), but it was his first week of school, plus he has a few new jobs at the newspaper, and he just didn’t want to shirk off everything, so we understood.

We hung around the University of Montana campus a little, visited the bookstore, then met Ricky in “The Oval” (the center of campus, shown below) and he took us on a little tour. Continue reading

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