Beta Reads!

So I’ve just sent out the new book for beta reads!

But, er … only half the book.

I have the best beta readers. Many have been with me since the very first manuscript, and they’ve meant the world to me with their support and encouragement. They give such thoughtful feedback, and make great corrections and suggestions.

And now they’re rising to the occasion again and indulging my newest request: to please read the book at only the halfway point!

Eeek. I hate giving anyone a manuscript that has no ending, but I realized I wasn’t going to have time to respond to beta suggestions if I wait until the book is done. If I’m lucky, I’ll have three weeks between finishing the book and turning it in to my publisher, so obviously I can’t send it out for five to ten beta reads and give them enough time to read it, then have time to respond to their comments or suggestions.

So they’re being kind enough to read at the halfway point and help me make sure I’m on the right track.

(And, of course, I’ll be thanking them all profusely in the acknowledgements!)

I love my beta readers!

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3 thoughts on “Beta Reads!

  1. Ah, the life of a writer! Can ‘t believe you’re turning out 4,000 wds a week with everything else you are doing. Thanks for taking us along with you for the ride. Your beta readers sound fantastic…

  2. I am sooooo happy to do it – you are so talented! Unfortunately I had a migraine last weekend and barely got started. This weekend I am grabbing my snuggly blanket and diggin in!

  3. Ouch, Debi, a migraine sounds terrible!!! (Pls don’t read my book when you have a migraine!!! ha, ha…) I hope you’re feeling better this weekend, though, and hope you love the book! I’m so grateful for your feedback.

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