Before I Go Any Further: San Francisco Food Tour 2012!

Before I go on telling about our most recent road trip, I want to interrupt myself to mention a thing we did on our last trip to San Francisco last fall, because it plays into the 2013 story. We took a really cool San Francisco food tour!

Chris and I had done a walking food tour in NYC, too (years ago), through Greenwich Village, and I wanted to try it in San Francisco when we visited last fall. It’s really fun to take a walking food tour — you get to walk through the local villages with a resident who knows everyone, and they introduce you to all the great mom-and-pop places and tell you little stories about the area.

In San Francisco, this was our tour guide, Blandina:

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Road Trip! Day 1 — Driving Up the Southern California Coast

Man, I do love road trips!

We just finished a 10-day one that was fun, funny, tiring, relaxing, beautiful and adventurous all at once.

Our main goal on this trip: Get to Missoula to see oldest son in his college environment at the University of Montana.

But first: We decided to take a detour and go up the California coast this time so we could also see the Redwoods, Oregon, Seattle, and the Seattle-to-Missoula drive through Fourth of July Pass (Idaho) that he’s been taking and telling us about.

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