A Perfect Spring Break

Ah, that was a fun spring break!

We kicked it off with a road trip through the desert:

Then cruised into Arizona:

Picked Ricky up from the airport in Phoenix:

We thought we'd kid around, and set Nathan out there in front of the terminal with a sign saying "Ricky" (like the limo driver standing behind him).

Went to Angels Spring Training at Tempe-Diablo Stadium:

With my parents:

And watched some really close-up ball:

We also sat by the pool, went to hotel happy hours, caught up with my parents, caught up with my boy, relaxed, read (I’m reading The Hunger Games), tried to stay off line, relaxed some more, went out to eat at some fun places, and did a road trip back with my college boy in the car.

I’d say as far as spring breaks go, that was tops. It was fun to travel with my parents, fun to have Ricky home for a week, nice for him to “thaw out” from the Montana snow, and great to enjoy some sunshine and baseball.

Nothing beats the smell of the grill, the sound of the bat, the sun beating down, and the general joy of baseball to get you ready for summer. …

This was an ideal spring break.

What are some of your favorite spring traditions?



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3 thoughts on “A Perfect Spring Break

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