Carpet Success!

Well, my giddiness about the upcoming new carpet wasn’t undeserved. …


Worth every month and year of the wait.

We still have lots of boxes to put away in the master bedroom and Rene’s room, so I didn’t want to snap pics there yet. (Plus I’m without my regular camera — gah! I feel like I’m without my left arm!) But anyway, here’s a shot with my lame cell-phone camera looking down the hallway toward Nate’s room:

It’s a cream-color carpet with brown specs in it (to hide dirt!). It’s a slight “shag” (as Superman calls it) (… but really it’s a “frieze”). It goes surprisingly well in Nate’s steel-blue room, as well as in the rest of the upstairs rooms, which all have butterscotch-colored walls a little lighter than that hallway wall in the picture.


I might not even mind vacuuming for a little while! : )


It’s New Carpet Day!

Well, I’m ridiculously excited to be getting new carpet in all our upstairs bedrooms today.

I’ve been wanting (but postponing) getting new carpet upstairs for YEARS. (Years, I tells ya.)

Partly, I think, I postponed because it always seemed like an awful lot of work on our end. We’ve been in this house for 15 years, and the upstairs bedroom furniture — as it exists today — has been there for probably 10 of those years. So that’s a lot of under-bed cleaning (10 years’ worth!), closet-clearing (15 years’ worth!), behind-the-dresser cleaning, behind-the-night-stand cleaning, behind-the-kids-desk cleaning, and more. Not to mention the fact that a lot of our furniture was assembled inside the bedroom it’s in (the boys’ bunkbed, for instance, with the full bed on bottom), so I wasn’t sure how anyone could get it through the doorways. And the armoire in our bedroom was a BEAST to get up the stairs — although movers did it, they barely got it around the sharp stairway corners. A beast, really.

So …. postpone, postpone, postpone.

Plus I couldn’t decide what kind of carpet I wanted. Or what color.

So … postpone, postpone, postpone. Continue reading

Sunday Morning Weigh-In


Down another 3 pounds in 2 weeks!

I’ve now lost 8 pounds since Christmas (8 of the 10 I ultimately need to lose to get back to my pre-holiday starting point … which was already about 30 pounds over my normal weight … ugh!!!).

But I’m focusing on the positive right now.

So I’m just going to focus on the fact that I’m 2 pounds away from what I’ll call “my first goal”!

(Baby steps, right?)

Go team!

Davy Jones and Teen Idols

So yesterday at work, the managing editor called to ask me to put something on social media about the death of “The Monkees” frontman Davy Jones, and she led in with, “Do you know who Davy Jones is?”

I think she was trying to gauge whether I was the right age to know who he was. And, by extension, if most of our readers would.

I said “Yes!”

Even though I was just born when Jones’ show “The Monkees” first aired, and only about 2 when it went off the air, he was a pop star well into my elementary years, and we definitely watched reruns of the shows. It made me think of all times I’d heard his songs, and all the babysitters who’d played them for me, and watching “The Monkees” at a beach house with my cousins Mark and Robert (and we all tried to act out the arm-in-arm beach-walking of “Here we come … walking down the street …”), and listening to Davy Jones on 45s in the bedrooms of my friends’ older sisters. All the older girls and babysitters in my life at that time thought Davy Jones, with his swoon-worthy British accent and fun-loving nature, was the epitome of marry-able. Everyone fancied herself to be a possible Mrs. Davy Jones. Continue reading

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