Art Auditions

Rene auditioned for Orange County’s High School of the Arts today. She scored two auditions  — one for the Fine Arts Conservatory, and another (later in Feb) for TV/Motion Picture Conservatory.

 I was so proud of her as I saw her trudging toward the high-rise city school, toting her huge portfolio at her side, with all her paintings and sketches in it. It’s hard to put your work out there when you’re in a creative field — hard to be judged, especially when you’re young. (You create a thicker skin as you get older, but still it’s hard.)

And her odds at this school are slim, since she’s coming in so late to the four-year program (she’d be coming in as a junior). There has to be a spot open, and there’s no telling if there will be or not.

But … she trudged along anyway, that huge portfolio at her side, looking pretty determined about walking into her first art audition.

Even if she doesn’t get in, I’m really proud of her for trying.

That girl’s got grit. …

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3 thoughts on “Art Auditions

  1. You are so right honey!
    Not only that, she is the COOLEST girl I have ever known!
    And I’m not saying just because I’m her adoring father!

  2. That is awesome! Even if it doesn’t work out, what a great experience and opportunity! Good luck to her =)

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