3 for Thursday: 3 “Must Haves” in a Stocking

Socks? Underwear? Candy canes? Chocolate coins? I’d love to hear your traditions and your three “must haves” in a stocking. …

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2 thoughts on “3 for Thursday: 3 “Must Haves” in a Stocking

  1. I used to have to have lifesavor books and chocolate coins because that is always what I got as a kid, but as my kids grew, it changed. They didn’t like the coins and never ate the lifesavors…so,
    Calendars (well, I lay the stocking on it)
    I get them some candy items as well as other stuff, but those three above are main staples!

  2. Uh, when I was growing up we didn’t use “stockings,” we used “tube” sport socks as we were a family of 5 boys…
    And…in those tube socks there had to always be some form of (1) cash,
    (2)more tube socks and (3)beef jerkey.
    Top that America!

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