Steve Jobs

So sad about Steve Jobs. Someone compared him on the news last night (aptly, I thought) to Thomas Edison, and I thought, wow — now that’s a legacy.

One of my favorite quotes of his  — told to young people during the Stanford Commencement speech — is:

“Have the courage to follow your heart and intuition. They somehow already know what you truly want to become.”

Love that.

And that’s a legacy.

Sending Your Firstborn Off To College – Part 3

So as we drove away from Montana – having left our firstborn in a strange state, a strange land, a strange room, with … well … strangers – and as I had lots of time to stare out the car window at scenery like this:


I had plenty of hours to think about things like why sending your child to college was so emotional.

I mean, there are the obvious things, like you don’t get to chit-chat as often, you won’t be privy to all the daily goings-on of your child’s day, you won’t get to have your interesting discussions at the dinner table any more, he won’t be around to make you laugh. There are the good things, like you won’t have to wash a gazillion socks anymore, you won’t have to buy mountains of Cheese-Its, and you get a little real estate back in his/her room, which you can use however you like now. Continue reading

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