Bring It On, June!

June’s always been a crazy month for us. And this one started as no exception. June 1 saw:

An Egypt project due in Nate’s class:

Followed quickly by Nate’s Open House:

Nathan showing Rene one of his class' science projects

Followed quickly by Ricky’s second Prom, where I was a “guest photographer”:

Some of the guys waiting for their dates at Prom

Ricky and Em with their “Optimus Prom” corsage/boutineer

Followed quickly by Rene’s Track & Field banquet:

Followed then by Nathan’s 6th grade band concert:

And we’re only at June 6!

The kids don’t actually get out of school until June 21, so we’ve got a few more events to get through (senior events, parties, dinner-dance cruise, family festival, 6th grade promotion, 6th grade “clap out,” grad night, graduation, graduation party, to name a few …).

But I’m ready!

And these first 6 days have been a whirlwind, but they’ve been fun.

Bring it on, June!

Is Bentley for Real?

Okay, is Bentley Williams from “The Bachelorette” for real? No guy can really be THAT much of a jerk, can he? He acts like he’s reading from a bad script for the villian of a romantic comedy.

With lines like:

  • “I’m going to make Ashley cry; I hope my hair looks okay…”
  • “Ashley looks like an ugly duckling [next to Emily, another former contestant].”
  • “It’s hard to hold a girl and just let her cry, and cry, and cry….”

He just can’t be for real, can he? And the worst part is that he’s the bachelor she seems most interested in? How can that be?

What do you think?

3 for Thursday: 3 Places You’d Love to Visit Again

It could be national or international, and perhaps you HAVE visited them a second time. … But what are three places worth a second visit in your mind?

For me:

  • Yosemite (and have visited again)
  • Tahoe (and have visited many times)
  • New York City (have gone twice, but would love to go back again — haven’t even scratched the surface on my sightseeing!)

How about you?