3 for Thursday: 3 Silly Things You’ll Barely Admit to Doing in the ’80s

(I can’t wait to hear your answers on this one. …)

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7 thoughts on “3 for Thursday: 3 Silly Things You’ll Barely Admit to Doing in the ’80s

  1. C’mon Laurie, You’ve got to at least start us off! Though I knew you in the 80’s — you seemed to have it ALL together even then. You didn’t even wear garish fluorescent t-shirts, (which might be my confession, though I’m a little bit thrilled they’re BACK!) But I can’t imagine any big bad confessions coming from your house. Must think further before I can offer you up anything further from my own memory lane. Thank God we had no digital photography back then!

  2. Ha, Nancy! Well, yeah, I was pretty straightlaced, even back then, but I guess this question was leaning more toward “silly” things, so I added that word back into the title! “3 silly things” is what I’m after. … I’m still mulling over mine (although I know one is a concert)…

  3. 1) Going to a Wham! concert on a school night in junior high (and somehow convincing my parents to let me stay home from school so my friends and I could “get ready” for it).
    2) Using raw egg whites on my hair to try to get it teased like Madonna’s a la “Like a Virgin” video. I heard it would make your hair stay.
    3) Rolling my jeans “in” at the bottom and “up” to make them “pegged”

    But I’m proud to say I always had disdain for acid-washed denim and stirrup pants that went under your foot. Blech!

  4. Silly or “stupid” things I did in the ’80s???? Either way I could write a book! I’ll stick with the silly…
    1-wore those silly clothes with zippers all over them.
    2-wore those STUPID wild looking baggy pants that were all the rage in the gyms of the time…ugh, I just got a chill at the memory…
    3-my buddies and I used to go and be in the audience of a local TV talk show and and do our best to get the camera to pan over to us by wearing crazy outfits and yelling. The show was the “Wally George show” and we would get on and ask stupid questions and heckler and stuff. Waaaaayy fun!

  5. I was definitely one who embraced the 80’s! I liked the weird hair, crazy clothes, the music…..
    So, 1) I had the lopsided hair cut! I thought it was the coolest thing to have my hair short on one side and longer on the other – and yes, I did the Duran Duran splotches of bleach and/or purple!
    2) Actually wore one glove on my right hand like MJ a couple times when I went out (that is so embarrassing to admit!)
    3)I wore the acid washed jeans…yuck! I can’t believe they are back!
    I wonder what you might come up with Laurie, cause I too remember you always be very straight-laced =)

  6. off the top of my head:

    In college, I had one of those white jackets like they wore on Miami Vice. Ugh!
    I was too straight laced to do anything crazy with my hair other than put some gel in it. Well, I guess I did wear it parted in the middle for awhile!

  7. Considering I was born in 1984… I wasn’t old enough to do anything crazy. Buuuuuttt… I did take my first modeling class in 1989 when I was just 5 years old.


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