Busy Weekend!

We had another busy weekend last weekend —

  • Senior Prom — I took pictures of Ricky and his date, who invited him to her prom at another school. (She “reserved him” in March, is I think how she put it.) He reciprocated and invited her to his, so they’ll gussy up for another round in a couple of weeks. She looked beautiful in a long Grecian-style, off-the-shoulder dress in deep purple. He decided not to go the tux route, since he spent so much money on suits at the beginning of this year and decided to get his money’s worth and actually wear them! So he wore a dark suit with a white shirt and purple tie. Their Prom was at the Ocean Institute here, which he said was cool — whale skeletons hanging, sealife touch-tanks open, etc.
  • 6th Grade Camp — I picked Nate up on Friday — he dragged himself off the bus, all dusty and tired, and he and all the other kids hoisted their backpacks and sleeping bags and duffel bags and shuffled to the cars with moms and dads. They were exhausted from all that rock-climbing, star-gazing, campfire-singing and obstacle-course hiking they did! I noticed he was wearing the exact same thing I dropped him off in. He informed me that he’d been wearing the same jeans and shirt the entire time — simply adding layers on or off for each day, depending on whether it was a “3-layer day,” “4-layer night” or what. (In the nights, he even put his pajamas on over his jeans!) Oh well. That’s a boy, I guess. He had a ball at camp. Continue reading

E-Pub Versus Traditional Pub

My critique partner Patti and I have been having long email discussions about e-pubbing.

I’m all for it. I’m all for reading e-pubbed books; I’m all for publishing e-pubbed books; and I think the future for e-publishing is just going to get more and more exciting.

But Patti, like many writers, has a part of her that already misses traditional publishing and wants to hold out for her own books to be bound and printed. She’s labored for years on these books, and she’s always dreamed of holding her books in her hands and flipping through real pages. She wants to see her name on a cover.

This is the discussion that’s been going on all over — well outside my and Patti’s inboxes. It’s been going on across the publishing world and all over the publishing blogs. Readers are embracing e-reading in rapidly increasing numbers (either on computers, laptops, or e-readers). Last January was the biggest jump, presumably because record numbers received e-readers for Christmas. Readers are simply getting used to reading books online, used to the backlit lettering, used to different column sizes. E-reader prices are coming down. It’s just becoming the norm, and people are craving their “real books” less and less. Continue reading

I Need Book Recommendations!

So here are two things I haven’t been doing lately:

  • Writing fiction
  • Reading fiction

And I really miss them both.

April was such a stressful month. And when I’m stressed, I tend to just lie in bed and stare at the ceiling. I know this is the worst thing to do. I know that, instead, you’re supposed to breathe deeply, go on walks, exercise, do yoga, take baths, read enjoyable books, etc. (And, for me, I could throw “write fiction” in there, because that’s usually a lot of fun for me.) But for some reason, when I’m stressed, I ignore all this good advice and just stare at the ceiling all night, making myself even more miserable.

But I’m coming out of my mood now.

And ready to just get out there and live and do enjoyable things again.

So first up — I need to load up my Kindle with some good (read: fun, upbeat) books to enjoy again.

Any recommendations?

3 for Thursday: 3 TV Shows You Never Miss

Ah, this one is just for my honey! He’s a TV nut and has a whole list of “can’t miss” shows. (And trust me, I’ve gotten sucked into many a Bravo marathon and HBO series along with him!)

For me, my No. 1 can’t-miss show is “Mad Men,” hands down. I look forward to that season every year. I’m also a “Housewives” addict, so I’d have to put that second (especially OC and Beverly Hills, although I really love them all). Third place is a huge tie between “Hung” (when it was on),  “Modern Family” and “Friday Night Lights,” and but I’ll also watch “Celebrity Apprentice” if I’m intrigued by the contestants. 

(Whew! That’s a lot of TV watching, huh?)

Now yours:

Camp Time!

I’m already missing my youngest. This is 6th grade camp time, and he’ll be away from us longer than he’s ever been. We followed a detailed checklist to make sure he had everything he needed, and then he made us another checklist for taking care of his fish this week.

He was a little nervous about a few things:

  • “So, do the showers have separate doors on them? I don’t want to shower if there are no doors.”
  • “Do I have a fever? Do you want to take my temperature just in case?”
  • “They said not to bring perfume or cologne because of the bears — do you think my Axe deodorant will be okay?”
  • “Do you think I’ll get ‘bus sick’?”

But I think his excitement was overtaking his nervousness, and by the time he saw all his friends this morning, he just bolted away and looked ready to go. Of all three of my kids, he’s definitely the boldest, so he seemed the most ready for a camp experience! Continue reading

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