3 for Thursday: 3 Big Purchases You’ve Never Regretted

Sometimes we have buyers’ remorse. But other times, we get the courage to spend a pretty penny on something, and then (thankfully) we’re so glad we did. What were 3 things you splurged on and never looked back?

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5 thoughts on “3 for Thursday: 3 Big Purchases You’ve Never Regretted

  1. 1. A wacky necklace I bought in Naples. Rarely wear it, but I love it as a momento.

    2. An expensive, well-made handbag. After years of cheap crap purses, it was a revelation.

    3. The on-site parts and labour warranty on my computer. Seriously. You wouldn’t think it’s a big deal until something starts whirring and smoking and all of a sudden you’re like… you want me to take it WHERE?
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  2. Hi, India! Great answers! (And superb tip about the warranty.)

    Mine would be:

    1. A good mattress. We spent more than we thought mattresses should cost, but man oh man, I’ve never regretted that purchase. Eight years of awesome sleep later, I now know: A good mattress is worth every penny.

    2. My camera. We researched this for a long time, but I’m so happy with my Nikon D40. It’s a great, middle-of-the-road camera — perfect for my needs.

    3. My Kindle. I kept telling Chris not to buy me one yet — wasn’t sure I’d like it, wasn’t sure I’d use it — but so far I’ve used it almost every day and love, love, love.

  3. This is a good one…
    1 – I am a bit of a purse freak, so I have never regretted buying a good handbag. I am in love with Dooney & Bourke.
    2 – My temperpedic mattress. We had bought a topper and used that for awhile but our mattress just wasn’t comfortable. We decided to splurge for the temperpedic and now every night is like heaven on a bun!
    3 – My German Shepherds! My first dog came from a shelter and she was the best – but when it came time for a new pet we decided to purchase one from a breeder instead. I was worried about the horror stories you hear about breeders, but it is great! I love them like crazy!

  4. ok, I just read and noticed that purses and mattresses were already said…I didn’t copy, really!! =)

  5. 1) Travel.

    2) Travel.

    3) And Travel.

    4) More expensive shoes. Several years ago I finally started spending more money on well-made shoes. They are better for the health of your feet, they look better, and they last longer. My first—and only, so far–pair of Stuart Weitzman shoes were a revelation. The most expensive shoes I’ve ever owned, heels, but sturdy and comfortable, and I can even run in them. I get compliments on them often.

    Smaller purchases:
    My ionic blow dryer and a good flat iron. Miracle workers, both.

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