3 for Thursday: 3 Things Under Your Bed

Strange and interesting things sometimes take up residence with the dust bunnies under there. … What are 3 things you have hidden or stored under your bed?

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6 thoughts on “3 for Thursday: 3 Things Under Your Bed

  1. Good one! I hope the kids don’t read this one!

    1-Socks…If I don’t hide my socks the kids take them and wear them and then I have none left for work.

    2-Laurie’s wedding dress all boxed up. It truthfully creeps me out because I always have this feeling it’s going to come to life and unbox itself and grab my foot while I’m asleep. I think it already has and is just toying with me until it strangles me in my sleep.

    3-Flashlight-which to catch aforementioned dress with…

    Yes, I feel sorry for Laurie too…

  2. Well since Christmas is over, all the presents are gone from underneath! I still do have some stuff…
    1 – A plastic storage container with old tax returns.
    2 – You know those pillow shams that come with your comforters when you buy them? Well, I hate taking decorative pillows on and off the bed to get in it – so those are now living under the bed.
    3 – Flashlight – just in case the power goes out!
    Sometimes I store blankets under the kids’ beds too, but I just went through and donated extra blankets and things.

  3. We recently bought bedroom furniture with drawers underneath, so that now nothing can be stored there after the unit is put together. But there is a space between the mattress and headboard for things to fall down and not be retrieved with any ease. But before that we had the following under the bed:
    1. The Cucuy(Spanish for boogyman). Funny how he has followed me around since childhood. I think he is still there sometimes, kind of leaped in there as we were putting the unit together. I swear I sometimes used to turn on the lights and carefully look underneath expecting something to jump out at me.
    2. Storage boxes, in the winter they held summer clothes, in the summer-winter sweaters/sweats, etc.
    3. One of my bedroom slippers, I distinctly remember taking them off and setting them just under the edge of the bed and then one morning, only one of them was there, I looked and looked and never found the other one. So I still have just one bedroom slipper. Which is OK, since there was the case of the missing wool sock also associated with that particular edge of the bed. A couple of years ago, I laid the socks down by the edge of the bed so they would be easy to grab and put on and I would have to walk barfoot on the cold wooden floor. This was after the abduction of one the slippers. In the morning, only one sock was there. So now I wear a slipper on one foot and a sock on the other. I switch them back and forth from time to time.
    I am wondering if the Cucuy has them just to torment me and remind me that he is still with me.

  4. 1. Mine and my husband’s artwork from high school.

    2. Charles’ mother’s typewriter. It’s OLD and it’s AWESOME.

    3. My boppy from my pregnancies.

    So, nothing too strange. Although I find candy wrappers under my daughter’s bed quite often, and recently q-tips.
    Posey┬┤s last blog post ..All me Shocking- I know

  5. Loved all of your answers! (I got some great ones on Facebook, too!) What an intriguing peek into your lives!

    Chris — Yeah, sorry about that dress. It *is* pretty creepy, the way it’s boxed like a form. Ayeeee.

    Debi — The decorative pillows cracked me up! Yeah, I go for practicality every time if it involves more housework not to!

    Johnny — Your story about the slipper and the wool sock was so funny! Love it! Sounds like it belongs in a children’s story.

    Posey — Oooh, an old typewriter??? That would be fun to display — what’s it doing under your bed?!?! Love that you kept your artwork. …

    Besides the secret sock stash, one thing Superman forgot, too, is our secret Santa-wrapping-paper stash. Santa, of course, had to use DIFFERENT wrapping paper than Mom and Dad, so there was a whole stash of “his” paper. Even though we don’t really need it anymore, I keep forgetting it’s there now. One of these years, I’ll have to use up all of Santa’s paper. …

  6. I was gonna put Santas paper also, but I had just removed it!! I still always wrap the Santa presents in different paper than the rest, even though the kids are all older. I think it is a tradition that they like and count on… =)

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