The Year in Posts: 2010 Roundup

Since everyone on television and in magazines seems to be doing an annual roundup, I thought I’d jump on the bandwagon! (And, you know, I just wanted to write some Wild West cliches …)

Here’s the year in stats:

Posts most read by strangers (not my regular readers), in order of ranking:

Posts most popular with my regular readers, in order of ranking:

Links most clicked from my blog:

Some stranger search terms that have brought people to my blog (and wow, in many cases, they must have been sorely disappointed! Do I ever say anything about Sylvester Stalone???):

  • sutters fort piano
  • being a mum notes
  • christmas notes to wife
  • don draper most handsome
  • mens book club list
  • picture of sylvester stalone carrying (whaaa??)
  • punctuation humor
  • cute serving utensils (huh?)
  • remember when judith mcnaught all about …

Most-heard-from commenters:

I love all my commenters! But I consistently hear great stuff from these folks (in no particular order):

  • Superman (o’course)
  • Debi
  • M.
  • Lauran
  • Carrie
  • Johnny
  • JerseyGirl
  • Helene
  • Geraldine
  • KristiBug
  • Crystal

(Thank you all! You make my day!)

My personal favorite posts — not necessarily high rankers, but I liked them when I posted them:

And my favorite Wordless Wednesday photo of this year is actually Rene’s:

Thank you all for allowing me to have another fun year of blogging!

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4 thoughts on “The Year in Posts: 2010 Roundup

  1. I rock too Crystal – woo hoo! Thanks for all the good stuff this year Laurie, yours is the first place I look every morning when I turn on my computer!!

  2. Oh, MizWrite, you seriously make my day!! I look so forward to your blog each morning…reading it is part of my morning routine… Happy New Year and cheers to 2011. Can’t wait to see what you have in store for us! God bless you and your beautiful family…

  3. Actually you all rock!
    I think Laurie’s readers are great because Laurie gets so thrilled when people like her posts, and it makes me happy to see Laurie happy!
    But if you guys want to see true happiness then
    make sure to leave your comments often. She loves it all…agree, disagree start a debate, whatever…
    And sweetheart, I love your blog!

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