Road Trip! Day One

We headed up to Manhattan Beach and saw this:

Which led to some heartfelt vows, and then this:

I love sheer joy at a wedding! Aren’t they cute?

Then we went to the reception and Nathan ended up being our table representative for everything. This kid knows how to party:

(He has ice in his teeth here and is showing the D.J. to win his spot in a musical chairs game.) (As another aside, he totally danced with that woman to his right.) He was hilarious.

Anyway, we crashed that night at the hotel, had a great breakfast with the wedding folks, then hit the road again. … No time to dilly-dally. We’re heading out for Day Two. …

On the Road Again. …

We’re hitting the road tonight for a weeklong trip! We plan to:

  • Attend a wedding
  • Check out colleges for Ricky
  • Research in a western town I want to write about
  • Rendezvous with my parents
  • Inhale some fresh air and pine trees

Sounds like a lot to accomplish on one road trip, and not sure we can pull it off, but we’ll try. Can’t wait! (Especially for the last one.) Stay tuned for pictures. … I’ll try to post a picture a day. …

Life After 40

I work at women’s health website.

Working at one is a little like taking psychology classes in college: Every single thing you read or edit that day makes you think Oh my gosh, I have this. … I’m dying.

In college psychology, it was usually social anxiety disorder, minor symptoms of manic depression, compulsive organizational disorder, or some combination thereof. (We were only 19, of course, but we always overreacted.)

But now, at Lifescript, several decades later, I’m opening my browser every morning to review the web site, scrolling through all the information in my e-newsletters, and scouring the health news on the Internet to see the latest and greatest on everything from vaccines to recalls. And now I’m realizing that maybe I didn’t outgrow it. Because now I’m doing it all again, only now I’m not worried about having social anxiety disorder (… er … much…), but about dodging H1N1, preventing diabetes, detecting osteoporosis, keeping my joints healthy, detecting cancer, and warding off Alzheimers. … I know more about RA, OAB, ADHD, IBS, skin cancer, and sleep disorders than I ever thought I’d want to know. I now feel the need to make sure I have enough Vitamin D, omega 3s, potassium, antioxidants, goji berries (???), acai berries (???), good fats, and sleep. … I want to make sure I’m not wearing clothes I’m too old for, coming into contact with Lyme disease, buying produce that has been recalled, eating too much sugar, or letting germs lurk in my food (or on my steering wheel, or in my air-conditioning vents). … Continue reading

Whew! The Heat is On!

Whew! This week became one of those where we get the fans out of the garage, start calculating which windows get the most heat, move all the books aside to reach the A/C (which hasn’t been touched since last summer), turn the A/C back off at night and hope for the best, and wake in the morning to discover that the kids have all migrated downstairs to sleep in the [slightly] cooler living room.

It’s also kind of hard to cook in a hot house at night, and very hard to sleep. …

(Of course, we also keep reminding ourselves that just last week, we were all complaining about the cool temps and that it didn’t seem like summer at all around here! Sheesh … )

We’re pretty wimpy here in So. Cal. Or maybe we’re just spoiled. If the weather isn’t a perfect 75-80 degrees, we tend to complain — too cold, too hot, too many clouds in the sky, not enough. …

How does your region deal with the heat? Does everyone love to complain?

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