The Problem With Writing …

The problem with being excited about your latest manuscript is that it’s all you want to talk about.

And that makes for a very boring blog.

All I think about now are plot points, how I’m going to get from Point A to Point B, why my character just did XYZ, and how he’s going to get out of this mess. I write in the morning, in the evening, on my lunch hour, and at stoplights in my car. All I want to talk about are goals, motivation and conflict. …

So what this means is that the world inside my head is wildly interesting — but I fear I have nothing interesting to offer. The only one I even bother with all my crazy GMC talk is my critique partner Patti, who indulges me because she is equally obsessed, but I try to bite my tongue when I talk to Superman and the kids.

Or my mom.

Or the postman.

Or my coworkers.

Or my sister-in-law.

Or my blog. …

Bear with me, please.

I’ll come off my high in a few days, probably.

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6 thoughts on “The Problem With Writing …

  1. Haha… I love it. Not a problem for me though, insecurity keeps those obsessions firmly in my head. But take comfort that I’m daydreaming as much as your talking.

  2. Sweeatheart! NEVER bite your tongue with me! I adore everything that you think! I love hearing about your thoughts on your writing and your talent! I feel sooooooooo priviledged that you even bother to talk to me about it!
    I have NO DOUBT WHATSOEVER that you will be published one day and then go on to be such a respected writer that I just wonder why it hasn’t happened yet…
    You legitimize my life, and I am sooooooo proud of you that you cannot even imagine.
    I am with you baby and I would be proud to even just read your “todo” list but to have the honor fo reading your art…Well…I am humbled!

  3. Ok now Laurie, did you write that under Chris’ name? That is so sweet – his words just ooze love!!

  4. Crystal, Katdish, Verbivore — Thanks, ladies! As fellow writers, you would all be able to relate. It’s good to know I’m not the only one. : ) A few people commented on Twitter that they can relate also. …

    Superman — awww, thanks, honey! It means everything to me to have you in my corner.

    Debi — ha! Yes, it does seem that way, huh? But he’s just sweet. He’s my biggest fan. 🙂

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