New Year: Do You Obsessively Organize?

Is it just me, or does the new year bring out the professional organizer in all of us?

I used to think it was just me. I remember as far back as 1979 or so — the year of the New Year’s Day earthquake (the Malibu quake?). Not that the earthquake had anything to do with anything, but I can date it to that exact year, and I remember it was New Year’s Day, and I know I was in my room obsessively cleaning out my dresser drawers. And I know I was 13. I was taking everything out, and relining the drawers with paper, and putting everything back in neat stacks. You know, like all kids do …

Oddly, I wasn’t a particularly neat child, nor am I a particularly neat adult now, but I get that strange nesting urge every January. These days, it usually results in some neater-looking junk drawers, highly labeled ribbon boxes, and even closets where I can actually find things again (temporarily).

I’ve also come to the conclusion that I’m not alone. Given the numerous “white sales,” stacks of storage bins in the aisles of Target, garage-shelving sales, and closet-organizer ads throughout the month of January, I’ve determined that I can’t possibly be the only one who was relining her dresser drawers on New Year’s Day at the age of 13.

(Please, people — humor me if I was …)

So what about you? Do you feel this compulsion?  Is it because we received so much “stuff” on Christmas and we need a place for it? Is it because we want to start “fresh” for the new year? Tell me what your first organizational project is going to be. …

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2 thoughts on “New Year: Do You Obsessively Organize?

  1. Hi Laurie,
    I am home sick today, making lists in my head of how I am going to get the housework done, clean out everything I have not used this year, how many storage boxes I need, what I will label the boxes and where I will store them in the house and garage. In my head, the house and garage are totally organized that even the kids will know where everything is and will never need to ask me where something is again! In my head, I finally become the organized person that is trying to surface….but this wonderful world is … my head. (Please remember, I am not feeling well,fuzzy head, wonderful medicine!)
    I envy people who are organized, and that is always one of my New Year resolutions, to be organized. So of course, I will try it again this year…..wish me luck!

  2. Hi, Debbie! Wow, making lists even while you’re sick??? Okay, that’s one up on me! 🙂 But I can relate to the fantasy of how wonderful everything is going to be — with or without Tylenol Cold & Flu! So are you just going to tackle one project at a time? That might be the ticket … Come back after the new year and tell me if you had any success — I wish you luck! (Meanwhile, I’m fantasizing about organizing the craft-junk cabinet that I want to magically turn into a beautiful bar of clean, sparkly martini glasses … And no, I haven’t had any cold medicine … why do you ask? …)

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