New House-Cleaning Tip: Invite People Over!

So here’s a new house-cleaning tip I stumbled across a few years ago: Invite about 10-12 people over for a dinner party.

Suddenly, you’ll be able to do 100 basic housecleaning tasks in half the time. All those cobwebs, lingering D.I.Y. projects, messy corners, socks in the couch cushions, and more will be DONE!

I had a dinner party for eight the other night — the book club girls — and I never finished so many projects so fast in my life. It sure beat having them arrive while I still had paint brushes on the floor (D.I.Y. Project 420 — repainting the powder room), the pedestal out from under the sink (D.I.Y. Project 421 — fix the pedestal sink from having the tile raised from under it years ago), wrenches on the tile, cobwebs in the volume ceilings, dust around the tops of the kitchen cabinets, etc. I have to give Superman and family HUGE credit for helping me out, which my guest blogger Mr. Lanius so wisely pointed out here.

And now, although the party is long done, we still have a clean house, to boot!

Here’s how the dinner party table came out. I love dinner parties! Love sitting around the table and having interesting conversations with small groups of people.


How about you? Are you a dinner-party-type person or a lots-of-mingling-cocktail-party type?

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6 thoughts on “New House-Cleaning Tip: Invite People Over!

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  2. Yes yes I was up on my ladder clearing out the vaulted cobwebs and up on top of counters/cabinets cleaning up dust that I thought had grown into some sort of live dust monster. Also on the floor cleaning out under things. I felt the day after like I had been in some sort of yoga bootcamp class with all those contortions I was doing getting into those nooks and crannies. Oh and if you are ever in our downstairs bathroom I wouldn’t lean too heavy on that pedestal sink. I’m not sayin’, I’m just sayin’…
    but I (we) were happy to do it (ok the kids not so happy…) to help Laurie get ready for her party. She does love these get togethers and she sets up such a warm and inviting atmosphere that it’d be a real shame for that dust monster to awaken and devour the guests.
    If you like that picture, you should, the whole place was beautiful & you really should have seen it all-great job Laurie. Laurie is so nice because she always invites me to join them. I would have that night too but I had to unpretzel myself and by the time I was done the party was over. Ok maybe next time!

  3. You are so right about this tip. The only time my house is ever kinda clean s when it’s my turn to host knitting. Your table is beautiful.

  4. I always say thank goodness we have friends to invite over, because it’s about time we cleaned the house! You are soo right about fixing things you’ve been meaning to fix in about half the time. Inviting people over really gets me into gear like nothing else.


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