Silly, Irrational Fears


When I was in college, I had this roommate named Janet. She had a sort of fearlessness about her that I always admired — she’d kill all the spiders in our apartment; she’d investigate strange sounds outside; she’d confront our landlord who always seemed to be pulling some kind of crazy didn’t-you-borrow-my-vacuum-cleaner scheme.

But there was one thing Janet was terrified of: She hated those “pop” containers that pressurized dough comes in. She would call one of us roommates from all the way in another room to come open them for her.

She hated the ones that required a spoon to press against the seam, but she especially hated the ones that would just “pop” as you undid the paper.  Because — even though she could kill a spider like nobody’s business — she couldn’t stand the unpredictability of … croissant rolls, I guess. I thought it was hilarious. But I peeled them all the time for her. Because it was one thing I wasn’t afraid of. Continue reading

One Candlescape Away From Crazy…

DSC_0584This is my summer decor. It’s on my buffet table, which sits right behind the dining table. There are blue glass salad plates under that white lantern (you can’t really see them), and outside of the picture there’s a white sugar-and-creamer set for coffee). I get kind of corny about the seasons and decorate differently for each one. Sometimes I fear I’m one candlescape away from becoming one of those weird old ladies who has too much seasonal stuff out. But my husband and kids seem to like it, so I think as long as I don’t don a cardigan sweater with pumpkins, or wear dangly Christmas-ball earrings, I’m okay to go a little nutso with decor.

Summer stuff is about to go down, though, this week of Labor Day. It will be replaced, of course, with fall apples and leaves. [*clears throat nervously*] Just let me know when I’ve crossed the line. …

Do you do this, too? Or am I already the candlescape away???

Summer Self-Portrait

100This is how I looked all this summer …

For one thing, I was always behind my camera. … (I LOVE, LOVE, LOVE my new camera! Did I tell you how much I love my new camera? No? …). I took pictures of everything this summer.

It’s also me in my “old lady” hair. I desperately need a haircut. I don’t mean to look like a school marm (the glasses certainly don’t help), but this is how I get. When I wear my hair up every single day — that’s when I know I need a haircut. I love long hair, but it takes too long to blow-dry, so when it gets to a certain length, I give up every morning and just flip it into a little clippy thing and call it a day. And then think about how it’s “old lady” hair. And that I look like a school marm. And then I vow to get a haircut. And then I forget to call. …

It’s also me with my dangly earrings on, although they don’t show in this pic. They’re Brighton earrings. And silver. And I love them. I wear Brighton every day. My mom and Superman buy me Brighton jewelry for just about every occasion, so I have a lot of it. I usually have a couple of bracelets on, too. Continue reading

Soaking Up Every Last Bit of Summer …

Riding the Laguna Trolley - Photo by C. Sanchez - 2009

Riding the Trolley in Laguna Beach - Photo by C. Sanchez - 2009

We’re trying to soak up every last ray of summer before the kids go back to school after Labor Day. There are so many things to do for back-to-school: shop for shoes, shop for backpacks, stock up on underwear, inspect locks and P.E. clothes. We need to get school supplies, finalize contacts/glasses (we are a very bespeckled family), fill out a million pieces of paper for registration, write a hundred checks to the school district (how did public school get so EXPENSIVE, anyway?), and clear out our “homework centers” at home to make sure we have things like pencil sharpeners and extra paper (which we never do, come November).

And that’s not even starting the school-clothes shopping – ack. Although I keep clothes-shopping pretty basic at first – We usually start with just one new “first day of school” outfit (usually involving new jeans and new shoes). Then – being the frugal mama I am – we do the rest of the clothes shopping in October, when all the back-to-school clothes go on clearance and Southern California finally cools to a temperature we can tolerate without needing to sit in front of the fan every five seconds. Continue reading