Darling Daughter


Merced River - Spring 2009

Our daughter’s birthday is this month, and we’re celebrating with a couple of her teenager friends this weekend.

I can’t believe my little girl is a teenager. I remember when she was just a little thing, we’d ask her if she knew her birthday, and she’d say “Au-gust.” In my head, I still say the date like that.

Time sure does fly. But I couldn’t ask for a more lovely development of a more lovely daughter. She has the most beautiful heart — the thing that was always most important to me. She’s grown into the kind of person who sees the lonely new girl at school and will go over and ask her to have lunch. (She’s actually done that a few times.) She goes out of her way to remove herself from pettiness and negativity at school (a tough chore — I admire her resolve). She is the friend to others who will always listen.

She’s quiet, artistic, beautiful, left-handed, a bit Bohemian, fabulous with color, funny, can eat with chopsticks like she was born doing it, is learning to play the guitar, loves children, LOVES animals, loves to bake, and just has the biggest heart you could imagine.

We’re taking her and her friends to an amusement park for some evening-hour fun. To celebrate her birth — truly a joyous day for our whole family.

We wouldn’t be the same without her.

Happy Birthday, Rene!

Reading Novels and Weight Loss

onwhyn_princess_carolinexIt’s an interesting correlation, isn’t it – reading novels and weight loss?

But truly, something kind of clicked for me there. Reading about all those historical heroines and their dresses and their meals. … And it tied in with lots of info I get on a daily basis at my job at Lifescript.

So come on over to Health Bistro and read about the correlation I made. I’d love to hear your comments!

(And if you can guess which novels I’m referring to over there, I’ll give you loud, slappy, virtual high-fives. …)

Mad About ‘Mad Men’

madmen_fullbodyI did a blog post the other day over at popculturedivas about my love for Mad Men. … And my absolute giddiness that the new season is about to start.

It’s one of my and Superman’s very favorite shows.

We love the clothes, the music, the furniture, the homes, the cars, and all the drama that comes from living in an era that was so on the brink of massive change. The show really portrays all those things so well.

My brother-in-law Dave and I usually e-mail back and forth frantically when the season begins – we compare notes and discuss our thoughts of how the characters’ arcs may be changing.

Do you love this show as much as I do?

Until the season begins, you can join me in making Mad Men avatars of yourself at MadMenYourself. I cracked up over mine, above — actually kinda looks like me! You can even create small head-shot ones and use them as your Twitter avatar! Have fun!

In the meantime, drop me a line and tell me if you enjoy this show — and what elements you specifically like? Is it Don Draper’s anti-heroism? Pete’s smarmy ways? Joan’s great clothes and jewelry? Sterling’s awesome suits? Is it Betty’s character arc? Or seeing sexism played out so blatantly in another era? Let me know — I’d love to hear your take!

Putting Life Into Perspective: Illness and Waiting Rooms

What a week. I’ve been battling some ugly virus, or food poisoning, or something-itis … And I really went down for the count. I hate being sick.

Of course, part of the problem with being sick is that the house starts falling apart, too. My hubby and kids are actually very helpful most of the time (compared to other stories I hear), but, even so, when Mom’s sick, that means laundry doesn’t get done for a few days, breakfast and lunch don’t get planned, dishes pile up, floors don’t get swept, bathrooms start to look grimy, sinks look gross. … I’m sure you know the drill. … So, on top of being sick, you end up scowling at the cobwebs and kicking laundry around with your bathroom slippers. It’s all bad. …

And then there was a trip to urgent care in the midst of all this. If there ever is a humbling experience, it’s going to urgent care or the ER. Continue reading

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