Looking for Beta Readers …

So Book 2 is done, and has been handed off for its final read! Yay!

My beloved, dedicated, wonderful critique partner Patti is reading it. … Or re-reading it, as the case may be. She already read it once, but she offered to read it for a second time, bless her britches, to see the changes I made that Harlequin suggested. That makes her especially amazing, because that takes a lot of patience, and she’s just the best. … Go Patti!

I also have my first beta reader, Brianna, reading it. What’s a beta reader? It’s a term stolen from fan fiction, actually, (and the tech industry), but novelists are using it now to mean someone who reads your novel before you try to publish. While a critique partner is usually a fellow writer (and someone who will read your manuscript with the eye of a novelist, looking at all the “parts under the hood”), a beta reader is usually not a writer (and therefore will read your manuscript with the eye of a reader, looking at the “car as a whole”).

In fact, I think I could use another beta reader or two. … I’ve had Harlequin critique the manuscript through its critique service (which was an excellent service, by the way), but I made enough changes after that that I feel like I should have a couple more sets of eyes on it, to make sure I didn’t accidentally introduce any huge holes or errors.

If you are a regular romance reader, and you’re interested in reading through a contemporary romance of 100,000 words (that would be close to a 400-page book), and you really like romance characters and enjoy talking about why you like or dislike them, let me know! I’d love the help! : )

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22 thoughts on “Looking for Beta Readers …

  1. Yeah for you, finished with your book!!!I would love to read it! I don’t just read “romance”, I read all kinds of books (I love what I call the “chick flick” books)…I am sure you will be getting all kinds of offers, but if you need another set of eyes, I’m here 🙂

  2. I’d love to read your book. I am a voracious romance reader! Are you on Twitter? You can DM me at @KyraTX if you are.

  3. I would love to read your book. Sounds like fun. I read lots of stuff, also, trying to finish Let the Great World Spin right now. Love to read James Patterson and Nora Roberts. Not lots of Harelequins, but maybe yours will inspire me to start!

  4. I ADORE reading and am a very good criticizer… I mean, critique’r 🙂 Are they the same thing? heehee

    I would love to read it!

  5. (that read kinda wrong up there – I don’t just criticize, I swear! I always FEEL like I am though because I am so awed at how people can write a book and then want my FEEDBACK!)

    SO awesome that you finished your book though, congrats!

  6. I would LOVE to be a beta reader 🙂 Congrats!!! If it helps, I’m going back to school for a linguistics degree… I love reading.

  7. Wow, thanks, all! I honestly didn’t think I was going to get any takers. (I mean … it’s a lot of WORK to read a long book and have to think the whole time and you can’t even count on this person to deliver …). So I’m completely honored that you all would have faith in me.

    The more the merrier, I guess! I’ll e-mail or DM (on Twitter) all of you.

    Thanks!!!!!! I truly appreciate it!

  8. Hello there.

    I would love to be a beta reader, if you still need one.

    I will admit right off that I am a fellow writer, but when I read a book that I am not doing a critique for, I let that go and just read.

  9. Wow. [*tugs at collar*] Now I’m nervous.

    Okay, I will put together little e-mail packages and send them out to each of you tomorrow (Saturday). Working off a laptop this weekend (not home), so I’ve got to reorganize the files here.

    This is awesome, and more than I expected. I had @nanna95 and @jaypers offer from Twitter, too. Very cool. …

  10. Okay, I sent all the beta-read copies out to anyone who volunteered. So if you volunteered above, and didn’t hear from me, that means I got your e-mail address wrong! (Let me know, if that’s the case.)

    Thanks again, all!

  11. Hey, Maggie! That’s the address I used. Can you check your spam folder? Maybe it went in there????

  12. Okay, Maggie got hers, too — It did go in spam folder. …

    Over and out, beta readers. …

    I appreciate this more than you know.

  13. Ooh me too, me too!

    Another fellow writer (but I don’t write romance, it’s more my guilty pleasure genre) and I can easily put aside literary critiquing for ‘reader’ critiquing.

    So if you have room for one more, I’d love to help! (I read the blog but have yet to comment and follow on twitter!)

    Let me know: you can email me at kemari7@gmail or Dm me @Kemari.

    Either way, I wish you luck. 🙂

  14. You may not need me, but I would love to be a beta reader for you! I LOVE, LOVE to read!!! My email is michelleproud@yahoo.com. So many people have already volunteered, so I understand if you don’t need me, Mizwrite… Have a great day! 🙂

  15. OK, Kemari and M. — will send you both a set tonight.

    And if anyone wants to wait for next time, I’ve got Book 3 coming right on the heels of this one, I hope. (Hoping for Sept./Oct. reads on that one.)

    Thank you all for your generosity of time!


  17. If only I could keep up with blogs with better speed, lol, I’d have known you finished your second book and wouldn’t have had to ask on twitter.

    I’m so excited for you! The short story I wrote is my first finished piece. I story jump so badly, it’s ridiculous. My mind is forever wandering and circling back. I’m working to discipline myself better because finishing that short story was an incredible feeling!

    I hope your beta readers enjoy your story and if you ever want another pair of eyes to share with… I devour romance. Devour it. It’s my number one love.

  18. I will be waiting patiently for the next one if you will have me again! The book was great 🙂

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