Blogs That Are So Well Written They Make Me Jealous

Okay, here’s our next installment of the “New and Improved” blogroll …

Some blogs  I just read every day because the bloggers are amazing writers, and they make me a little jealous with their unique twists on the ordinary. Here are some of my faves:

Sheye Rosemeyer — Sometimes she makes me cry; sometimes she makes me laugh. And all of Australian Sheye Rosemeyer’s photographs stun me. Her tale of her daughter’s death is so sad it makes my heart hurt, but I love the way she shares the “missing” with us in a way that’s so honest and loving. I also love the way she enjoys her three small children and shows us to celebrate every day of our children’s lives. … Oh, and did I mention the stunning photos? Stunning, stunning, stunning …

The Fabulous Geezersisters’ Weblog — Ruth Pennebaker describes herself as a “woman old enough to call herself ‘fabulous,’” who writes about “families, politics, marriage, friendships, feminism, aging and whatever else occurs to her.” Her observations of life around her – and how inane and ridiculous it can be – always make me smile. I’m  betting she was a columnist somewhere – she has that “newspaper style” I love.

Pioneer Woman — “The Pioneer Woman,” Ree Drummand, has won plenty of awards, but she doesn’t rest on her laurels: she just seems to get better and better. Her gorgeous photography and poignant stories about being a desperate housewife on the frontier are endlessly engaging. She talks about parenting, cooking, gardening, homeschooling, shopping, entertaining, remodeling – all those things we do, but usually with civilization around. Her photos, however, really set her apart – truly gorgeous.

Sweet Juniper! — This husband-and-wife team, Jim and Wood, write about life in Detroit with their two small children. Jim does most of the writing – and it’s fabulous. I don’t care what he writes about, frankly – he always sucks me right in and draws me along for the ride.  There’s some really great photography here, too. (What’s up with so many great bloggers being great photographers???)

I hope you enjoy these writers as much as I do!

Stay tuned for my next installment – wonderful new blogging friends, old friends who now blog, and beloved family who are doing some great blogging, too!

And if you still feel like reading, come visit me over at Health Bistro, where I’m writing about all the crazy stuff we shove into the backs of our closets … Here’s the link: Skeletons in the Closet.

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  1. Thank you, thank you, thank you~! Pioneer Woman is going to keep me occupied for a while so I imagine the rest of my Sunday will be spent enjoying the overcast day with my coffee and my laptop. Mizwrite, you are fabulous~!

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