The 2008 Acardemy Awards

img_2248Yes, it’s that time of year: That time when the Christmas cards come down off my little wall-holder wreath and get filed away for the year. But I always take one more (long) look at each one – rereading each, as it were (because maybe a 9-year-old was tugging on my jacket the first time I tried to read it as we walked back from the mailbox). And each year (at least in my head) I give out annual awards.


So here we go. May I have the envelope please?


This year’s award for First Card Out goes to Bookclub Barbara (I’ll use first names only). Barbara, I believe, has won this honor more than one year — she’s always on top of things. (Unlike me, who is running to the post office on Christmas Eve, dropping envelopes in the rain, locking my stamps in the car. …) She always sends a beautiful and thoughtful (never rain-soaked) card.


This year’s award for Most Adorable Photo … ooh, this is hard because so many were so cute, but I’d have to give this one to Aunt Betty. Her photo of her two “reindeer” (her dogs, looking not-necessarily-too-pleased with the color of antlers on their heads) was too funny. I shared it with my kids right away. And any card that gets a thumbs up from a 9-year-old, a 12-year-old and a 15-year-old equally has got to be a great card!


This year’s award for Children Growing Up Way Too Fast While I’m Not Looking goes to … hmmm … this one’s hard, too, because there were so many. Register Grace has three darling kids who get cuter every day, but who seem to be growing at light speed. (Could that really be her “baby” there? The one who’s walking and looking close to preschool age?) Valencia Dawn has a little one who I remember being born just yesterday, but now she appears to be in kindergarten. And Valencia Michelle’s daughter is (… holy cow, could we be that old?) seemingly in college already. … Okay, deep breath … And my handsome godson Nick and his beautiful sister Rebecca are much too grown up for me to be able to contemplate right now.


This year’s award for Card of the 21st Century goes to UCLA Deb. She sent the coolest online “scrapbook” card I ever did see. I must find out how she did that …


The Gorgeous Photography Award goes to Valencia Libby. (She wins this award almost every year.) Her photography of her daughter and family are always stunning, often in black-and-white, and always printed on the most gorgeous paper. Art at its finest.


The Lifetime Achievement Award goes to … well, this must go to my mom. She always sends out cards. Always on time. And she thinks so carefully about each recipient – she doesn’t just willy-nilly put cards out, but carefully contemplates each year’s selection, who it best suits, and how to send them out most beautifully. (And she always writes something personal – to each and every one of her probably 80 card recipients!) Most of her cards are artistic renditions of Santa Claus. She sent different ones to my kids, then to me and my husband (always thought out, just like I said!). Many of her cards from the past I’ve saved and put in 5×7 frames for the following year’s décor. She really typifies the true spirit of holiday greetings – done with extreme thought and care.


So that’s it for this year’s Acardemy Awards! Thank you all for coming. Please exit the theater safely and have a safe drive home. …

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12 thoughts on “The 2008 Acardemy Awards

  1. I appreciate your comments about Christmas cards. I’ve also kept my Christmas cards from years past. After a few years have gone by, I go through them again and remove those that can be recycled one way or another. Sometimes I’ve copied the idea to make another card but more personalized. Others are used as part of an address label (so USPS can see it better).

    I really liked the card you sent out this year. I’ve never received like it before. And to have made up your own verses is sooooooo admirable! Don’t know how many hours we’ve spent playing “I Spy”.

  2. Well, your Blog will be fun for you and fun for all of us to read. Dad and I are being left in “the dust” as far as the speed of technology is concerned. I’m still trying to figure out this email thing. “Blog”???? Oh My !!!!!!
    When I saw your Headline “Acardemy Awards” I thought to myself, “Oh my gosh, she spelled “Academy” wrong. Then when I got what you were writing about, I though “How Clever!!!” So now I’ll have to check in with your daily “Blog”. Have fun!!!!!

  3. That’s great that you decided to give out awards for cards. I know my wife takes a lot of time picking out or making just the right thing for Christmas cards. Personally, I am happy because I (were it solely up to me) would probably just find an old “sympathy” card and cross it out and put “Merry Christmas” on it; or not even give out a card at all. My wife lets people know that our family is still going strong. So, I find it cool that you take the time out to acknowledge the cards that really moved you!
    Mazel tov!

  4. Thanks for the photography award. Very kind of you. This year’s photographer is Della Chen in Seattle but previous year’s efforts were by Paul Barnett of San Diego. Both were a huge pleasure to work with and always produce more lovely photos than I can possibly display. I’m so impressed you have a Blog! How uber 21st c of you. I just barely got on Facebook 🙂 Happy New Year!! Libby

  5. P.S. the card is by A local Seattle biz run by 2 moms. Check them out they do great work for reasonable prices on both Christmas as well as Baby Announcements. This year’s was a custom design and if anyone wants this remember to plan ahead and give them more lead time to get proofs sent out to you.

  6. Hi, Charles. Yes, I truly appreciate all the cards! I just love going out to my mailbox every day of December (the only month I think I enjoy that!). There’s no other time of year that people even send cards and pictures anymore, you know? Although e-mail makes things quicker and more convenient, there’s something happily warm and comforting about opening a real mailbox and seeing a real stack of envelopes that you know will connect you to all your family and old friends.

  7. Thanks for the info, Libby! We love businesses run by hard-working moms!!!! I’ll definitely check them out …

  8. Hi Laurie, I just want to thank you for keeping us represented in all this card giving and keeping in touch. If I had to do it alone I would probably just send a card (or better yet email someone) and then just ask them to update others on how we were doing…If they felt like it.
    You are the best!

  9. Great idea! If I could give an award for the most unexpected (yet delightful) card, it would be the LS one you and Judy sent. Thank you!!

  10. I thought I was the only person who rated Christmas cards! I gave the award to Barb Y this year too. She also took first prize last year – you can’t ever go wrong with a beautiful Chirstmas tree on Crane paper! I love your blog!

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